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How to Become a Professional Film Actor

How to Become a Professional Film Actor 1.Get a good film acting school Even though you may be a born actor, you need a good acting school. You'll want to have a big or small resume before you get an agent. Ask your acting coach if he can tell you about upcoming plays and films. 2.Now is the tim

Can Bollywood Dancing be a good fitness source?

These days, being healthy and fit is a challenge. Nobody has enough time to get up early morning and do exercise. However, we can stay fit by starting dancing. Dancing is a fun approach to stay fit. And if we talk about dancing, the first form which comes in mind is ‘Bollywood Dancing’. Boll

Key points to remember while giving an audition

Audition is the entry barrier of your dream. It is the exam for every actor. You have to pass your test to taste the fruit of success. Although auditions are tough to crack but it can be easily handled if you remember some points. 1. Clear thoughts about the role- Be sure you are clear of the ro

Is modeling and acting interconnected?

People who wants to build the career in fame lights, generally thinks of acting or modeling as a great option. Modeling and acting are somewhere connected. You get name, fame and stardom from both. There are many people you initially started there journey as a model, then they become top model and f

Choosing acting as a career

Name, Fame, Luxury and Stardom…, if you think that life of an actor comes in a package with all these then definitely you are mistaken.  Glamour world is always exciting and beautiful from a distance, but choosing acting as a career option needs so much of courage. Like in the other fields, simpl

Essentials for selecting the best acting school

Understanding your career interest and deciding to make your mark in the selected fields comes with hard work, a bit of luck smiling upon you and of course top class guidance. Therefore, making a right choice matters the most. Acting as a career can be bright and beautiful, only if you are well invo

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