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Key points to remember while giving an audition

Audition is the entry barrier of your dream. It is the exam for every actor. You have to pass your test to taste the fruit of success. Although auditions are tough to crack but it can be easily handled if you remember some points.

1. Clear thoughts about the role- Be sure you are clear of the role. Understanding of the character which you will be playing is very important. Make a clear picture of the person in your mind.

2. Be confident- Confidence is the major key to win the race. Be relaxed, calm and confident about what are doing.

3. Be expressive- Express yourself. Merge yourself in the character. Please note that expressions plays crucial role in audition. Judges notes the points how you understand and express yourself in the given role.

4. Dress code- Dress yourself as per the role requirement. Your looks, appearance should match with the character.

5. Take a good sleep- Take at least 8 hours sleep before the audition day. An actor should be conscious about the physical appearance. So, avoid dark circles and sleep well.

6. Eat light- Make sure that you eat light and healthy food to stay fit and light weighted.

7. Smile- Your smiling face can win the race. Be happy and smile and make other smile and spread positive impression over the camera.

In Krisshnaa Acting Academy, acting institute in Delhi, we will prepare you for facing and winning the audition. We provide best acting classes in Delhi. We trains our students in such a way that they prepare themselves for facing and cracking the auditions. You just need to have faith in our trainer and follow him completely to become a talented actor.

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