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Is modeling and acting interconnected?

People who wants to build the career in fame lights, generally thinks of acting or modeling as a great option. Modeling and acting are somewhere connected. You get name, fame and stardom from both. There are many people you initially started there journey as a model, then they become top model and finally they are the big names in Bollywood. Best example is the Deepika Padukone. She worked hard to reach at the position where she is now.
People generally thinks acting and modeling are same, however there is the difference. The main difference is that you can’t express yourself in modeling and in acting you have to express the role, you are playing. You have to live the character you are playing on screen or on stage.
Modeling and acting are connected as top models gets chances to act and top actors get privilege to be a shows stopper on the ramp show. Both career holder should have the knowledge of both vocations.
At Krisshnaa Acting Academy, acting institute in Delhi, you will be trained as a actor as well as model. We understand the demands of the industry and we edify our students in that way. Our students can act well, they can walk on the ramp like a top model and they will pose for a photo shoot like a rock star.
Hence, acting and modeling are two different career options for sure, however there will be a connection in the future.

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