Why Choose Us

If you are on this page, the first thing to be done is to congratulate you for your decision to find a career in acting!!!

Our assurance of your success is totally based on our visible standards and unparalleled credits, which include the following.

  • Our Values: We value every bit of your dream and try our best to bring it to reality.
  • A strong teacher: Mr. Anurag Singh, director and a teacher himself at the academy stands as a pillar for the foundation.
  • Student comfort: at KAA, student comfort is the key. It can be seen in terms of fee payments, session selection, and flexible workout schedules.
  • Exclusivity in training: Exclusive methods of teaching, supported with aids, were followed to train students at the academy.
  • Well structured course module: Diverse courses with well structured modules can be found, which are designed to suit students looking forward for a future in acting.
  • Reasonable fees, the best ever in the industry.

Acting is more of an art and should be inculcated as a part of living rather than learning it as a theory paper from the academic books. Creativity is the key for existence and at Krisshnaa Acting Academy; we value your interest and help you find a way in the glamour world.